Best Saas UX Design Tips That Can Boost Saas App Sales

SaaS (Software as a Service) applications are the most sophisticated software products in modern times. SaaS is one of the most advanced tools built in today’s modern era; following some basic UI/UX design principles will help any SaaS product to succeed.

Building SaaS applications with good UX is a bit complicated but never an impossible thing to do. This article gives you the importance of designing a SaaS app with good UX and the essential tips to build a SaaS app with good UX.

Importance Of Saas UI/UX Design

Just like other businesses, SaaS software and solutions require an appropriate UI/UX design framework, a strong design strategy based on user data, and the basic design principle to achieve the desired results. Having a good UX design for SaaS applications is imperative and big conglomerates the startup businesses to capture the market.

The UX design act as the common perspective for viability, desirability, and feasibility, the following stats will tell you why you should give importance to UI/UX design.

  • Around 40% of the users will not return to the application with a longer time to load.
  • About 88% of the users are less likely to return if they had a bad experience with the applications/website.
  • With the ROI margin of 9,900%, every $1 invested in UX/UI design will return $100.
  • Having a good UX design will increase the conversion rate by 200%.

Tips To Improve Your SaaS UI/UX Design

When it comes to digital products having a good design principle is the key to gaining better user engagement, and user satisfaction and improving the business conversion rate. It doesn’t matter whether it’s short or long-term, with good design principles your SaaS application can bring more business value. With the right UI/UX mixture, SaaS applications can minimize customer churn and improve the customer experience quickly.

Here are a few tips that can improve SaaS UI/UX design; you can pick the one that matches your app style and purpose.

1. Streamline The Architecture:

Building an application, website, or SaaS product is a little bit easier when compared with the process of optimizing the same according to human experience. To gain better human or customer experience, designers or developers need to focus on several aspects including easiness to use, and a simplified flow of functionality. Also, they need to keep an eye on the organization’s vision for which the app is being built.

Having an excellent architecture that involves usability, design flow, and market research will improve customer engagement. Also, with the perfect architecture, you don’t need to compromise on the app’s functionality and simplicity.

2. Simplify The User Journey:

The User Journey is the key aspect that allows businesses to predict and understand customer behavior. In addition, it provides other essential details like customer’s touch points, purchase history and so on. This information helps businesses to create a predictive model with proper analyses.

Designers can translate the user’s behavior into UX design; this will promote users to engage more with the application. Also, the predictive model based on the user’s journey helps to design a simplified UX design that will be liked by the customers.

3. Avoid Complexity & Excess Data:

Often designers and developers use several data of various kinds in the designing aspect of a SaaS application which may lead the SaaS product to look more complicated. App with such complications will cause a negative impact on user experience. Also, having excessive data will create confusion for users, and spotting the right content will be tough.

Having UX/UI design with essential data without any complication will address the user’s needs. Also, it promotes users to access the application more. This will create better user engagement and allows users to utilize the application easily.

4. Easy Navigation:

Navigation is always a crucial part when it comes to SaaS UI/UX design. When it comes to app development, developers should always make sure the application comes with an intuitive and simple navigation system. This ensures the end users can easily and smoothly navigate the entire software easily. Providing essential links, features and tools enable the users of the application to easily distinguish the contents and other aspects of the app.

Apps with easy navigation allow their users to find the content that they are looking for easily and quickly. The presence of navigation tabs in applications having multiple pages will be handy for end users to spot relatable content and to reach other pages easily.

5. Provide Efficient Search Tool With Support Access:

A search function is considered the most important and most used function by app users. Consumers of SaaS applications must be provided with the option to look up the information and functionalities provided to them. Also, the presence of a search tool in UI/UX design will allow users to access the information quickly.

In addition to that search tool; the SaaS app should include support functionality. This will allow customers to reach out to the customer support service easily.


SaaS applications with good UI/UX design will play a key role in attracting audiences and gaining success in the marketplace. App design delivers an efficient and seamless experience that is planned and implemented with perfection. If you really want to delight your app users with exceptional UX/UI design, then hire a professional design company in Memphis. Because they know what needs to be done according to the market trend.