How to Customize the Shopify Checkout Page? [An Experts’ Guide]


An e-commerce website, often known as an online shopping site, must have a user-friendly homepage that helps customers to different parts of your site. It not only increases visitors but ultimately increases conversion rates too. 

If you are a business owner using Shopify platform for your online store then improving the eCommerce checkout optimization experience is essential for driving up sales, conversion rates, and client happiness. Even while Shopify’s pre-defined checkout is simple, it might not be enough for your business’s needs.

Are you thinking about adding more features, special discounts, and a design that represents the business you run?

This article highlights the advantages of Shopify’s one-page checkout and provides easy guidance for editing and optimizing the checkout page for rapid conversion. 

Shopify Checkout Page Editing Guide

Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform due to its user-friendly blogging system, analytics tools, pre-defined checkout process, and flexible, convertible environment. For Shopify store owners, they may find the simple Shopify Checkout optimization.

Here are the easiest ways to edit the checkout page in Shopify. 

Here are the procedures to edit the checkout page for non-plus Shopify stores:

  • Go to the Online Store in the Admin option of the Shopify store, and choose Themes.
  • Click on Customize to change any of the Theme Elements.
  • Choose CHECKOUT from the theme menu on the left.
  • For the Checkout page, Click on Update Banner, Logo, Main Content Option, and Order Summary
  • Click on Save to finish the procedure for the Shopify Checkout Page

Shopify Plus users need to follow these steps to edit your Shopify checkout page:

  • First, go to the Online Store in Shopify store’s Admin Panel and select Themes.
  • In the Current Theme section, click the Actions drop-down menu and choose Edit Code.
  • For basic updates, select the checkout.liquid file (or checkout.scss liquid for styling).
  • Click on the Preview option to see the change you made.
  • Click on the Save option to complete the steps.

7 Simple Steps to customize & optimize your Shopify Checkout

1. Adding a Business Logo- Add a logo on your checkout page

It is highly effective for delivering a consistent and professional customer experience. 

To upload your image, click on the Logo Option in the CHECKOUT section. 

Here you can select a position for placing your custom logo. Select the right size you want and make sure you have a high-quality logo picture.

2. Customize the Checkout Colors & Fonts

Shopify’s checkout user experience is impacted by its blue buttons and System font, which may not align with product or cart page styles, causing a less seamless experience.

  • Go to the Shopify Admin and choose the Online Store followed by Themes.
  • In the lower-left corner, Click on Theme Settings, then choose CHECKOUT.
  • In the Typography section, select the font you want to use for your storefront.
  • Change the button and link colors in the Colors Section to match the colors of your cart or product page.

3. Add Trustmarks (Trust Badges)

Shopify apps offer trust badges on the storefront and cart page, but no checkout process implementation. But there are a few Workarounds and tips that can enhance customer trust during checkout.

  • By seeing your brand logo during the checkout, follow tip #1.
  • Customize the checkout style and design to match the storefront, following tip #2
  • Follow tip #3 to Change Texts at the checkout and focus on building trust.

Those who are in search of how to change your phone number on Shopify, this section allows you to add or edit you Contact Information.

4. Show Contact Information or Integrate an Online Chat

 It builds trust with customers by providing a contact number for help in case of issues and ensuring the existence of the store. 

  • To add an assist text like; Need help? Call us at XYZ number
  • You can edit by changing Theme Texts by following tip #3, but the better way is to adjust the logo image (follow tip #1) and add Additional Information.

5. Enable Express Checkout Payments

Express payments, enable customers to bypass the default checkout process and pay for orders using Shopify Payments or Stripe.

  • To ensure fast checkout in your Shopify store, use Stripe or Shopify Payments.
  • Go to the Store Admin> Go to Settings > Payments 
  • Select the Manage link (Shopify Payments or Stripe) for the card payment service you use.
  • In the Wallets section, add the payment providers you want to use and click Save.

6. Offer Free Shipping or Gifts

To Make Your Shopify Store Ship for Free

  • Go to Store Admin > Settings > Shipping & Delivery
  • Go to the Shipping section > Manage Rates
  • To set a Shipping Rate, click on Add Rate in a specific shipping zone and specify a minimum weight or price. 
  • Click Save to display the rate in Checkout.

7. Enable Address Autocomplete

Follow these steps to enable address auto-completion,

  • Go to your online store Admin section and select > Settings > Checkout
  • Scroll down to Order Processing, and check the option Enable Address Autocomplete.
  • Click Save to confirm.


Every Shopify store must customize its checkout page to be successful. Customization on the Shopify checkout page is a great way to boost sales and conversions. If you’re ready to put in the time and effort, there are several ways to do your Shopify checkout optimization and customization. 

Shopify allows for complete customization of checkout experiences by adding various elements without technical knowledge, enhancing the checkout page with the simple process on the Shopify back-end If you are technically sound enough to customize your Shopify checkout page, then it is best to hire a professional from reliable company specialize in Shopify development in Memphis.