Top 9 PHP Development Tools in 2024


PHP is a popular choice for developers due to its scalability, hassle-free documentation, cutting-edge security, and solid support. Developers often choose to work to build complex software solutions. With the use of PHP development tools, developers may streamline PHP tasks and increase programming efficiency. Developers can make creative, captivating, and feature-rich PHP projects with the aid of these tools.

Selecting the best PHP development tool might be difficult. This article elaborates on the top ten best PHP development tools you can make use of in 2024. 

Top 9 best PHP development tools in 2024

1. Code Lobster

CodeLobster IDE is a PHP development tool that is popular among PHP Development Companies. Codelobster is a text editor that supports different languages like PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. CodeLobster IDE is the most popular tool that makes it easier to build for a variety of frameworks, including CakePHP, Magento, Joomla, Symfony, Laravel, CodeIgniter, and Drupal. 


  • Syntax highlighting
  • SQL manager
  • Code validator
  • Autocompleting of keywords, DOM elements & their properties
  • Function Parameters Display

2. PHPStorm

PHPStorm is an efficient, lightweight, and fluid PHP programming tool that works with several popular content management systems (CMS) and PHP frameworks, such as Drupal, Magento, and WordPress. Building for several frameworks, such as Symfony, Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Magento, Joomla, and Drupal, is made simpler with the popular PHP development tool CodeLobster IDE.


  • Native encoding support
  • Code- rearranger
  • Support extension with other valuable plugins like VimEditor
  • Code completion

3. Cloud9

To make life easier for PHP developers who would rather not download and install a separate integrated development environment, Cloud9 is an online PHP environment. With the Cloud9 tool, developers can create, execute, debug, and test code without having to install it locally. This enables projects to launch right away without the need to configure files, SDKs, or plugins.

This free and open-source cloud-integrated development environment (IDE) supports Python, JavaScript, C, and C++ and includes a PHP debugger, online code editor, and pre-approved AWS services. Cloud9 offers pre-packaged extensions, allowing users to begin working on new projects immediately using out-of-box plugins.


  • A built-in debugger
  • Perform linguistic analysis in real time.
  • Permit AWS service access
  • The process of debugging is incorporated.

4. Zend Studio

A well-liked PHP 7 tool for developers is Zend Studio, which connects to X-ray, Xdebu, and Zend Debugger and makes it easy to write and debug code. This PHP development environment’s use of Eclipse plugins in conjunction with these tool extensions makes it easier for developers to share applications over multiple hosts.


  • Docker support
  • Fast validation indexing
  • Indexing & Searching for PHP code
  • Enable advanced code editors for better coding

5. NuSphere PhpED

The web development php process is made simpler using NuSphere’s PhpED, a proprietary PHP development tool that includes a sophisticated editor, profiler, debugger, and database client. It speeds up application development by using the commercial PHP accelerator PhpExpress. It not only supports JavaScript, HTML, CSS3, and PHP 7.1, but also permits designers to modify code with reforming capabilities through the use of PHP frameworks like Yii, Zend, and Laravel.


  • Accelerate PHP apps with PhpExpress
  • Support composite file extensions.
  • parallel Debugging
  • Complete phpUnit integration

6. Netbeans

Originally designed for Java programming, Netbeans is a quick, lightweight, and multilingual tool that can also handle PHP web development services. NetBeans is an open-source PHP usually popular for supporting frameworks like Zend, Symfony 2, CakePHP, WordPress CMS, FuelPHP, and Smarty, and also supports multiple languages.


  • Code Formatting & folding
  • Smart code completion
  • Getter Setter generation
  • Try/catch code completion

7. Aptana Studio

An open-source PHP development Aptana Studio integrates with various web technologies like PHP, Python, CSS3, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, and HTML5, offering debuggers and command line interfaces. PHP programmers can build and test web applications in one environment with SFTP, FTP, and IDE customization, leveraging Eclipse’s flexibility and supporting leading web browsers.


  • Check variables, regulate execution, and set breakpoints.
  • IDE Customization          
  • Git Integration with Built-in Terminal;
  • Peer collaboration through merge, pull, and push actions

8. Eclipse

Eclipse is a flexible development environment that makes chores easier and provides a large selection of plugins for PHP code development. Using Eclipse is beneficial for large-scale projects as it helps to make it personalized and extended to meet needs for website building. On every web server that supports PHP, it supports web applications with and without a GUI.


  • Navigating codes
  • Help with content
  • Highlighting syntax
  • Programming templates

9. PHPDebugbar

PHP DebugBar displays data from various web apps and consists of a main DebugBar object, data collectors, and render, with a pre-configured set of collectors. It is useful for improving easy integration, facilitating the development of customized collections, and monitoring data from web applications. The main benefits it provides are CSS element inspection, JavaScript code inspection, and network monitoring.


  • Monitor network traffic
  • Handles AJAX requests
  • fast and user-friendly interface
  • Log and debug directly to Debugbar


There are numerous paid and free PHP development tools available in the market. The best PHP development tools that satisfy are mentioned in this blog, if you are still unsure then it’s better to hire professionals from reliable PHP Development Company Memphis

However, it is recommended to examine available free trials, keep up with emerging trends, and evaluate your needs to optimize your PHP development process.